20 June 2011

Happy Father's Day


19th June is father's day.

My father's name: Abdul Aziz Bin Wok Ghazali
Work as/at : IT Director at Perbadanan Kema*juan Negeri Per*ak
DOB: 7th Sept 1963
Married to: Muzdalifah Binti Mokhtadi

Dad, A great many thanks for all you have done Without you, my life would not have begun You have been there when I most needed you You have helped to guide me my whole life through We have shared both the good times and the bad But most of all, thank you for being my dad I love you

Introduce to you, my hero.

I hope to have a husband as kind as my father. So he could take baton to take a good care of me. I feel safe and secure when being with him. How can I say that I'm so appreciate to have a father like En.Aziz. weee :D Sorry for any wrong doings or sayings that hurt you. I didn't mean to do so. Thanks for all you have done, all your money given and all love you give to me through out my life.


Your one and only daughter.

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