25 May 2010

spagetti bolognese

finally.. well,this is my first try to make spagetti bolognese. the experience was superb. i like it so much. the idea came when my mom's friend (mcik lah) give us her bolognese last 3 weeks (if i not mistaken). then my auntie also give us her first try last week. so i think i should try my own also. and i'm very satisfy with it although it might not as delicious as makcik lah's. poorly my bolognese is limited. (sangat sikit oke)

instant bolognese (4serving)
that's why it is limited. next time i want to try make the sauce myself. (banyak sikit)
ni nak dapat keyakinan je

banyak lagi. for next cook

look. sikit je kan? later i'll give u guys a try.

itu saja. bye


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