04 October 2009

end of semester

yeah! finally da exam's paper is over. i'm still in PJ for my EPT's speaking test. last paper was on last thursday. really happy. but a bit worried bout my pointer for this semester. to dear mom & dad, pls just accept da fact of my pointer oke :(
anyway,i'm having such a great 'last' moment with my dear fren before i leave PJ for my dearie epoh.hehe..

after IL paper, we got ready for ronggeng's moment.. where?? ATEN's house at serendah :D my second time being there. btw, who are actually 'we' that i had mentioned earlier? we = me,mira,ama,seha,aten,leyka,keyla. 7 of us all together. the first thing to do is,seha & me drop leyka & keyla at asia jaya. they need to go to serendah by public transport(KTM).hoho.as we can't go there with 7 people in a car (driver:seha)! crazy oh. anyway. actually,our main plan going back to serendah is for picnic! haha. ktorg mandi-manda riang ria kat air terjun. menu for the picnic was mee goreng 'manis' (master chef:keyla, assist by: me & mira)[noted:manis sebab ade budak tu tertuang gula lebey.haha.sori for her], tempura(cook by:ama), air laici (made by:aten,mira,leyka). Then,

malam pulak we go for dinner kat kedai tomyam pe tah kat pekan serendah.

[from left:seha,leyka,aten,mira,ama,keyla]

skating! huh. loser thing for me. lembap gile nak get use with the ice. hoho. nard, dian jacob & dian ghani with us that day. jadi cikgu untuk budak lembap ni. thx ya! dear hotties, kalo y'all nak go there again, me & mira tetap follow, but we go for shoping! haha. that's our soul,not skating. gloves ktorg tu pn korg dah boleh angkat skali. :D later we got back early. seha kena balik rumah. ibu dah rindu.... em,ama not following us to sunway. she got her fever. it was just before we going to serendah. agaknye mandi manda tu add another reason untuk dier demam.

we actually plan for a movie. poorly,we cancel it. damn tired kot. but then ama cakap ade openhouse kat umah dier. so, we decided to go there. makan free. sedap lak tuh. hehe. but before sampai kat umah dier,ktorg drop kat alamanda dulu. cuci2 mata jap. dlm kul 3 bru sampai umah ama. makan minum borak2. then ktorg tido smpai kul 6. huh. xsenonoh gi beraya umah orang pastu tido. mira la ni ajak aku. hahahahaha :D

ari ni rasanya dok bilek je kot. long journey this week. rehat & kemas2 barang untuk balik esok!

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mira zati said...

aku ke yng ajak ko tito umh ama?
pape pun memng best kite hang out ni.
hope dpt agi meronggeng cmni.