02 September 2009


3month to go for my coming bornday. haha. but that's not what i'm gonna story today. last week i went home. a bit tired. but satisfied. angah bornday celeb n visit embah [bhs jawa for nenek]. embah kene strok last thursday masa buka. so,she's being warded for about 4days[today kuar]. poor her. umi was stayed at hospital to take care of embah. ayah n me was 'sahur' together by ourselves [kene prepare sendiri]. umi not there to pamper us. but we have to 'pemper' her since we need to send food for 'sahur' at hospital. hurm. poor us. well,i do 'part-time'. drive for myself n family to hospital n mse g meronggeng. tired but i enjoy driving so much. unusual activity that i done last week: drive at nite. huh. i never do that before. takut. next is ronggeng's moment wif angah n long. hahaha. not that enjoy. rushing n stuck in jammed. rmai sangat pulak manusia time tuh. btw, we went there to buy angah's bornday present. i bought her a pink blouse. long help me to choose. i hope ngah like it coz i dun really know her taste. hehe. finish that day. i went back to PJ at 8.30am next morning. hosh.

*sebak pagi tu when umi said she can't give attention for me sepanjang kat umah. especially my needs. but it's ok mom. i know ur condition. i luv u for everything!

ngah wif her birthday cake

nyway,this week i become lazy. for real. malas nak wat segala-galanye. project programming in progress. tomorrow we have to submit. so,tonite pulun! essay bi pon kene tunjuk kat sir esok. xseap lagi oh. after this. kuiz Physics esok. argh. prepare pagi esok. kuiz IL n math hari ni teruk. IL : hard Q. math : probability, no feel. hosh.tension2. mdm ayu want to have replacement class for IL. h0h0. ei,npe minggu ni serabut sangat.? fyi,kerja yang bertimbun membuatkan aku lagi malas!

da2 nak start wat keje. dah la ponteng kelas.



mira zati said...

3 buln agi ek bzday??
wat u want dear??
i want thah cake ek for my comg bzday..
nk yng besaunye ek??

nanie aziz said...

hey,i'm da one yg ley mnx kek tu oke.
ko dh lps. dh la