27 September 2009

ayah terchenta :D

p/s: dengan sengaja display title gitu,ayahku confirm baca.hahaha.

I am now already in PJ. sucks. everyone still enjoy the festive. UIA's student? hosh. suffer for final exam. for today,just short entri. not in mood to write further. 3paper to face oh. programming,ouch. physics,ad0i. information literacy,insane. huh. can't wait till meronggeng's day with my dear friends[noted to ayah: i already have the budget for 'this' day,but if u want to add more,its going to be so great! haha]. full of patience. plan to go shoping this friday. agak2 ayah nak bagi duet gak x? [ayah?] [boooleh ke tidak.? boooleh ke tidak.? boooleh ke tidak.? bace cre datin wan abe] hehehe. ok k0t kan ayahku. sbb before raya xabis paw ayah lagi. :D oh ya,before forget. i will upload pitcha n story of my short hari raya celebration later,after the final. just wait..

exam schedule,
28th Sept -programming

30th Sept -physics

1st Oct -IL

5th Oct -speaking test for EPT

epoh terchenta,wait for me!


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mira zati said...

wey bly la ek ko blnje aku.....