15 July 2009

count down..

yeay..! [1st expression]
dah lepas satu bebanan minggu ni,'individual english presentation!' stress btol la nak sampai ke hari ni. nak cepat2 abis then leyh focus on my mid sem exam. rasenye presentation tu mungkin xsebaik sem lepas [not enough preparation compared to previous]. but what past is past..let just leave it there..

tomorrow nite will be my IL paper and i didn't finish study yet [xley nk concentrate..dok pikir english] but thx to mdm ayu since she made a quiz last monday,so i do study little...

xsabar nye nak balik..seriously i miss my home thhhhiiiissssss mmmmmuuucccchhhhhh!
my plan for this c0ming mid sem break :
  • tido puas2 [erk,macam orang xcukup tido lak]
  • on9 24hours
  • driving!
  • nak masak2 ngan umi!
  • update blog ayah..
  • meet my dearest kazens [gmah,azie,azef,azem]
  • mer0nngeng! [dunn0 where to go yet..will be planned]
  • ha,dun forget to study! [mid sem exam xabis ag okey..u have math & programming paper to be done]

work to be done by tonite,
- meeting intechss [workshop will be held after mid break]
- essay bi [malasnye..!]
- studi for IL paper tomorrow..
- project programming! [adoi,mdm nak esok ke hah?]


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