26 June 2009

Introduction of Information Literacy

Assingment 1
att to Madam Ayu Rafikah

To complete this task,I have choose Multimedia University (MMU) as my reference.
You can visit the website here - Siti Hasmah Digital Library

  • The Library provides many search interfaces, OPAC,namely GEOWEB (avaiable in campus/worldwide) and various online database which are accessible through library's homepage.
  • They provide access to over 100,000 books, 15,000 online journal titles and a large selection of reference materials , where we can find really up to date information.
  • They use the Simple Keyword page to search the database for the words we enter. Geoweb will then display a list of the reocrds that match the word.
  • Advanced Keyword Searching provides us with more control than simple keyword searching since it can combine two searches
  • They offers a wide range of services, both online and traditional in satisfying the information needs of the students, including loan services, electronic information services, user education, reference services, interlibrary loan services, and document delivery services.

  • Throughout my visit to this online library, I had tried their OPAC by searching word,but i only get the result for only 2 out of 13 words that I type.
  • When there are too many records in the result, the Library were display unsorting records (especially the Author)
  • There are too many links at Library's homepage, which give difficulties to the visitors to actually decide which link they need to click in order to use the OPAC system.

I think that's all about MMU's Library..
thank you!


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