26 June 2009

Congrats to SYIBA!

I hope this is not too late to say congrate to my cute friend, annis nusyaiba for being a new mainboard of INTECHSS session 09/10..She was given a post as secreatary of our beloved society after being nominated by 'round table' of AGM...Syiba was listed as secreatary with another good fren,Tunku Nabilah..to nab, although you didn't get the post..still..you do a good job as secreatary for our AGM last wednesday..BRAVo!

syiba,now u have a big big big responsiblity to be handle of..so, pr0ve them u can do what they think u can do! okie?chaiyok2!

not to forget,amira izzati..eventhough u didn't get the post as treasurer..but I still wanna congrate u as u are listed in the nomination...yeah!


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